Does Acne Go Away On Its Own Or Do You Need An Acne Treatment To Achieve Clear Skin? 2 Best Treatments for Acne


Does Acne Go Away On Its Own Or Do You Need An Acne Treatment To Achieve Clear Skin?

Does Acne Go Away On Its Own

Does Acne Go Away On Its Own?

When asked the question “Does acne go away on its own or if it needs treatment”, there isn’t a simple answer to the question because some people who have acne find that it goes away on its own after some time, but the majority of people struggle with it in one form or the other long into adulthood. 

You must understand that there are different forms of acne and that there is no one-size-fits-all cure as each type of acne must be treated differently and properly or else you could run into more complications and damage your skin in the long run. 

Thankfully, this post covers some of the most popular forms of acne and suggests the best treatment types because you obviously wouldn’t want to wait for your acne to clear up on its own as that could take many years of not looking or feeling your best.

What causes acne?

Genetics, hormones, pollution, and skin type are just a few of the many causes of acne, but some people are more likely to develop acne than others. There is no single cause of acne; rather, it can sometimes occur from a mix of the reasons just mentioned as well as from stress or even diet.

What Are The 3 Main Types Of Acne?

The following types of acne we will be discussing below are the most popular types of acne based on their causes

Let’s see the symptoms of each one and how they develop

Cystic Acne

When bacteria, dead skin cells, and sebum (the substance that gives your face an oily feeling) become trapped under the skin’s surface and gets infected, then cystic acne develops. This results in a big pus-filled pimple that is usually painful to touch.

There are different reasons why some people may experience this type of acne more frequently or more severely than others. 

Fungal Acne

A fungus called Malassezia yeast infects hair follicles, causing fungal acne, a common skin problem. The disorder is also known as Pityrosporum folliculitis or Malassezia folliculitis. The skin develops clusters of papules, which are tiny, red pimples. The pimples can be enlarged sometimes and can develop into whiteheads, which are small pus-filled sacs.

Hormonal Acne

Men and women suffer from Hormonal Acne as teenagers but women beyond puberty, particularly in adulthood, get hormonal acne frequently.

Hormonal acne may start to appear right before, during, or right after a period, and although hormonal acne resembles regular acne, it also results in deeper nodules and cysts that are red, painful, and linger for a long time. 

Spots on the chin, jawline, and mouth are usually caused by hormonal acne. Additionally, hormonal acne can affect the entire face and back.

Hormonal Pregnancy Acne

Acne is quite common in pregnant women during the first 6 months, and according to statistics almost half of all pregnant women develop acne.

The rise in hormone levels brought on by pregnancy is the main cause of pregnancy acne, and Androgens are the particular hormones that cause acne during pregnancy. 

Skin glands can expand and create sebum as a result of androgens, and this sebum clogs the skin’s pores, resulting in bacteria and inflammation that cause acne outbreaks.

What Clears Acne Up?

Before and after image of a patient that battled acne for many years before getting treatment at Vline Clinic

It is best to consult with a top cosmetic clinic or medical spa in your area to determine what will cure your acne permanently. 

There isn’t a direct answer to the question of what clears acne up, although we can give you recommendations of the best acne treatment that has worked for many of our clients, we can’t say what will work for you until you take our 54-second acne cure quiz or book a consultation with our cosmetic clinic in Toronto 

Many people choose acne treatment products, some choose home remedies, and others try different methods to cure their acne but do these things really work to cure acne permanently, or are they just a management plan? Let’s see

Roaccutane As A Form Of Acne Treatment

The oral medication isotretinoin () is a member of the class of medications known as retinoids, which are closely related to vitamin A. It targets several acne-causing elements in many different ways. While some people claim that Roaccutane has helped them get rid of their acne it may not work for everyone. The key is to visit a clinic that treats acne for a consultation and recommendation on whether it can be used for your case or not.

Acne Treatment Products

Isn’t it heartbreaking to know that the majority of acne treatment medications, despite their best efforts, fail miserably? As a result, you are forced to buy another product that makes similar promises but produces no significant results.

For many people with chronic acne, this is a frustrating situation, and at the end of the day, you are left with a variety of over-the-counter acne products that don’t work.

If by chance you find an acne treatment solution that works, that’s excellent, but if not, you’re better off forgetting about them and looking for a real lasting cure for your acne.

Which treatment is best for acne?

Be it acne treatment, acne scar treatment, fungal acne treatment, or blackhead removal, the treatments below have proven to deliver quick but long-lasting and amazing results.

Here are examples of acne treatments that have helped our clients cure their acne


Have you heard of HydraFacial?

This is one of the most popular types of facial offered by top skin care clinics right now and this is because it is an acne treatment that is safe for all skin types. 

HydraFacial is a medical-grade facial that unclogs your pores and treats your skin on all levels as it combines washing, exfoliation, extraction, and hydration all at once. 

This process uses advanced skincare tools to: carry out cleaning, exfoliate dead skin cells, and uses a vacuum-based tip to remove pollutants, hydrate the face, and feed the skin with serums to make it clear and healthy.

This is the best facial for acne, and a lot of people go to their favorite search engines to search for phrases such as “hydrafacial near me” to find a clinic near them.

Hydrafacial is proven to be an effective acne treatment, and at VLine Cosmetic Clinic we offer the latest Hydrafacial in Toronto.

Microneedling (RF Microneedling)

It can be difficult to find the best treatment for acne and acne scarring especially now that there are so many products and treatments that promise to make “acne scars vanish”. 

Numerous studies have shown the effectiveness of Radiofrequency microneedling treatments like Sylfirm X for getting rid of acne and any acne scars safely.

The classic microneedling technique is further enhanced by radio frequency energy in RF microneedling, this makes scar tissue heal and for the skin to look healthy, clear, radiant, and as good as new.

This is another method of the best acne treatment that has helped many clients. In the end, we advise that you call us at +1 905 597 6338 or message us to carefully find the right treatment type for you.

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