Get Rid of Turkey Neck Without Surgery In Toronto, 4 Essential Neck Tightening Treatment Options To Help You

Get Rid of Turkey Neck Without Surgery

4 Essential Neck Tightening Treatment Options To Help You Get Rid of Turkey Neck Without Surgery In Toronto

Looking for ways to Get Rid of Turkey Neck Without Surgery?

Most areas of our bodies are covered with clothing except for the face and neck, these areas are often left exposed to the elements, and they should be taken care of more as this exposure to “everything” plays a huge part in how they look.


After the hands and the face, the neck is the third exposed area people look at when they meet you, so having a neck that looks as young and attractive as your gorgeous face isn’t optional.


With age comes loose neck skin and the appearance of a “turkey neck” which is often caused by weight gain, sun damage, and a loss in collagen production which is the protein that keeps your skin firm.


There’s no need to worry whether you’re struggling with a little bit of loose neck skin or trying to get rid of a turkey neck because there are skin tightening treatments that will definitely give your skin a neck lift without surgery and make your neck look youthful, firmer, and tighter.

Ways To Get Rid of a Turkey Neck and Tighten Neck Skin Without Surgery

Get Rid of Turkey Neck Without Surgery

A neck lift which is a neck tightening treatment is highly suggested to help you tighten loose neck skin and look more youthful, but this is a surgical procedure that is painful, expensive, and requires you to take some time off to “recover” fully before you get back to your duties.


Can you handle all of those problems that come with a surgical neck lift? If you can’t then you should consider the following ways to get a neck lift without surgery, your options include:


1. Thermage neck lift

2. Ultherapy neck lift

3. Dermal Filler neck lift

4. Coolsculpting neck lift


Now, let’s go through each one to understand how it will help you get rid of a turkey neck without surgery and make your neck look younger.

Will Thermage Tighten My Neck?

Thermage is a skin tightening device that gives a facelift and neck lift without surgery, the way this works is it uses radio frequency technology that causes skin tightening by making your body produce more collagen and tightening your skin for a younger look.


Thermage neck lift isn’t painful, it requires no surgery, and it doesn’t come with risks unlike with surgery, another thing to know is this neck tightening treatment is for anyone and for all ages.


After your thermage treatment expects to see instant results of your neck looking tighter and younger, the results you see after your treatment won’t just stop there as your skin will get tighter and younger for months to come.


Results of thermage neck lift without surgery last over 2 years, but you may need more or fewer treatment sessions to get the best result depending on how loose the skin on your neck is, call our Toronto cosmetic clinic at +1 905 597 6338 for a consultation, and after a consultation, we’ll tell you how many treatment sessions you need for the best result.

Thermage before and after results of a client immediately after her face and neck lift
Thermage before and after results of a client immediately after her face and neck lift


Ultherapy To Get Rid of Turkey Neck Without Surgery

The gold standard of collagen production is the promise of Ultherapy to help you tighten skin without surgery but does it also work on necks?


Known for its brilliant nonsurgical facelift results Ultherapy is also a neck tightening treatment that works to tighten your skin through the power of ultrasound waves for collagen production, and like thermage any age can benefit from its neck tightening powers, although a different number of treatment sessions are required.


Ultherapy doesn’t hurt as much as surgery and requires no recovery time, the results of Ultherapy appear gradually and continuously, and your neck will be tightened, firmer, and younger for as long as 5 years, yes! That’s how long the results of Ultherapy neck tightening last.

Ultherapy before and after results of a client who came in for a jawline and neck lift
Ultherapy before and after results of a client who came in for a jawline and neck lift


Can Fillers Be Used For Turkey Neck?

This question brings us to your third option to get rid of a turkey neck without surgery, but this time it doesn’t have anything to do with ultrasound or radio frequency neck tightening devices, instead, it’s a liquid neck lift.


Liquid neck lift? Yes, dermal fillers are injections that add volume, remove wrinkles, and help restore youth to loose skin for a skin-tightening effect.


Fillers are known to be used on the lips, jawline, chin, nose, and other areas of the face, but they do more than that by making your hands and neck look younger.


The liquid neck lift uses fillers injected into precise places on your neck for a plump, tightened, look.


Once done you will notice loose skin and turkey neck disappear immediately, you will even have a hard time telling if you ever had loose skin on your neck or saggy jowls.


Different types of fillers like Juvederm or Sculptra also help stimulate collagen production to tighten your neck in the long term, results of neck lift with fillers last for more than a year, message us or call our Toronto clinic on +1 905 597 6338 to know if you’re a qualified candidate for a liquid neck lift.

Nonsurgical Neck Lift With CoolSculpting

A Coolsculpting neck lift isn’t a “traditional neck lift” like Thermage, Ultherapy, or the use of fillers for tightening loose neck skin, but why is this so?


In the case of Coolsculpting, you get a double solution which includes the removal of excess fat from your neck and also solves the problem of sagging skin.


Many people who want to tighten their skin are also concerned about excess fat in the neck area and because of this, they want a slimmer neck.


With CoolSculpting as an FDA-approved nonsurgical neck lift and the fat-freezing solution, you’re able to remove the appearance of a double chin without facing the problem of sagging skin on your neck by freezing fat cells and toning the neck for a nonsurgical neck lift.


It doesn’t have to be fat removal vs skin tightening or cool sculpting vs neck lift because a cool sculpting procedure does both, provides long-lasting results, and anyone can use it.


A coolsculpting procedure may not be the best option for you if you don’t have excess fat in the neck area, and you’re just looking for a neck tightening solution like Ultherapy or Thermage, but if neck fat bothers you then results like this one below should give you a rethink

Neck lift before and after – Results of Coolsculpting neck lift without surgery


What Is The Best Neck Tightening Procedure

You don’t need to find the best neck tightening procedure, you just need to find the best neck tightening procedure for you because the neck tightening procedure that is right for you may be thermage while the best for someone else will be coolsculpting, so remember your needs determine the procedure that will be best for you and this is why you should schedule a consultation.

What Are The Risks of a Neck Lift Without Surgery

Getting a neck lift that involves surgery comes with pain, and downtime, and you face the risk of nerve injury, infection, and bleeding under the skin but the options that help you tighten loose neck skin without surgery like Fillers, Coolsculpting, Thermage, and Ultherapy have no risks, severe pain, or downtime.

How Much Does A Neck Lift Cost In Toronto

The average price of a surgical neck lift in Toronto is $7,000 which is a lot compared to nonsurgical neck lift options like Thermage, Ultherapy, Coolsculpting, or Dermal fillers which start at $700 and help you get rid of a turkey neck and tighten loose skin without pain and downtime.

Where Can I Get a Neck Lift Near Me?

Various Toronto cosmetic clinics and medical spas offer different nonsurgical options for a neck lift, so you can choose any experienced and reputable clinic near you.


At VLine Cosmetic Clinic in Toronto, we offer all the options we discussed in this post such as Ultherapy, Thermage, Fillers, and Coolsculpting, and when you give us a call at +1 905 597 6338 or message us we will consult with you to find the best solution to help you get a neck lift without surgery.



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